How We Work

Welcome to simplified shopping, no more discount codes, no more styled items that don't quite work for you, simply selecting items you like at a price you'll like even more. We are EnClothe Boutique, and we'd like to introduce you to create your own Style Bundles and here's the details:
  • Join our Facebook group here:  Ok, this part isn't required to purchase, but it is where we will pre-release each collection, ask opinions on what items to bring in each month, do real life reveals of items, and trade/sell items which might not have worked for you.


  • Pick the items you want to purchase:  New items are available on the site every other Friday at noon PST. You'll get sneak peeks in the Facebook group, but you'll need to check out here on the website to make sure you get your favorites. Items are limited, so make sure you're there at the release for the best chance to score what you'd like.


  • The cart will do the rest of the work for you:  No need to worry about which bundle you qualify for as the cart will do all of the work for you. The breakdown of the bundles is as follows:

 Mini Bundle: Purchase 2-3 items for 10% off

Large Bundle: Purchase 4+ items for 20% off

  You aren't limited to 4 items though, feel free to add as many items as you like and enjoy the 20% off everything!

  • Checkout and wait for your items:  That's it! See we told you it was easy. Now you get to sit back and wait for your new adorable items. Don't worry though we ship within a week of ordering, so you won't have to wait that long. :)


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