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Growing up, I was never really a part of the popular crowd. I didn’t quite feel like I fit into the standard mold , and I never understood why that was. Why wasn’t I like everyone else? Why didn’t I feel pretty? Why didn’t guys pay attention to me? Until one day they did, and I ended up a teen mom, a teen mom who had never really found herself or her place, with a special needs daughter. 

My daughter came first in everything; my decisions, and my drive to do better. The relationship with her father didn’t last, but my desire to keep going and do the best I could for the two of us never went away. I worked two jobs and put myself through college to provide us a better life ahead, and I succeeded in everything I put my mind to because of her. 

It was often hard to forge a relationship between myself and my non-verbal autistic daughter, but I never stopped trying. She taught me so many different things about myself and what really matters in life, but I’ll never forget one of the most important ones. One day when I was getting ready to go out and applying my makeup, she came over to me and pointed to the hair brush I had been using, so I fixed her hair. Then she pointed to the makeup I had been applying, and I proceeded to put some on her. Her entire face lit up. She felt beautiful even though she couldn’t tell me. I’ll never forget the lightbulb that went off realizing she wanted to belong just like I had not so long ago. 

A lot of time has since passed. I have found a caring husband who took my daughter in as his own and supports my crazy ideas, including starting a boutique. We share two more boys who fulfill our lives and keep us busy everyday. 

I have since found myself and my calling, to make women everywhere feel like they are enough and they do belong by bringing them a beautiful collection of clothes to do just that. When shopping with us at Enclothe, we want you to feel welcomed, beautiful, and comfortable. We don’t want you to conform to society’s mold, we want you to break the mold. 

You ARE beautiful
You ARE worthy
You ARE enough 
You ARE you!

‘Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you!’ 
-Dr. Suess